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Concetta Kennedy’s debut book for children is sure to get their imaginations going!

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Concetta Kennedy was born and raised in the small town of Corry, Pennsylvania, but has spent the majority of her life in Southern Tier New York, near the beautiful Chautauqua Lake, since she married. She taught reading at Southwestern Central School, to not only first graders, but to high school students who learned to love to read through much careful guidance and lots of practice.

She always wanted to be a writer, so for her entire life, she jotted down anything she saw or heard that was different or very unusual, expecting that one day she might include some of it in a novel.

She loves to read fiction as well as nonfiction, but because her wild imagination wasn’t completely fulfilled at times, she found she needed to write for the reader who loves the unbelievable to happen. She doesn’t write about the ridiculous. She writes as though there is a remote possibility that anything in her stories could happen.

For her first book, The Enchanting World of Garden Irene McGeeny, she chose the name of Garden Irene McGeeny for the main character because most will never find a name like that, and she wanted a name that the reader wouldn’t easily forget.

Concetta hopes that the way Garden Irene is so careful in listening to her parent’s wishes about keeping her secret, and not wanting to lose their trust, will show the reader how very important this form of respect is between kids and parents. Garden Irene is also kind to her best friend Peter Pranston and considered his feelings before she acted on anything, showing that she respects others and has the integrity to know when to apologize if she is ever wrong.

The Enchanting World of Garden Irene McGeeny is about how we treat others and how we respect our parents and those in authority. This story should also make the reader’s creative imagination take over. It’s a great exercise for the mind.

Concetta thoroughly enjoyed writing this story. So much so, that she plans to continue writing about this enchanting world and its main character.

Concetta hopes that her readers love their journey through The Enchanting World of Garden Irene McGeeny. As she prompts, “Let your imagination go as far as you can stretch it, and have fun!”

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About the Book

The Enchanting World of Garden Irene McGeeny is available in the BQB online store. All versions (print and eBook) are available through the following retailers, as well as all other major book and eBook retailers:

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