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Jackie Gaskins’s Christian children’s book has an important message.

About the Author

Her first children’s book, The Four Princesses, came to Jackie one night in August of 2007. As she slept, she literally heard the Lord telling her the story over and over again. After hearing it a couple of times, she went upstairs to save it on the computer. She did not have to think for one word on her own as the story flowed from her heart, and by the time her husband’s alarm rang at 6:00 a.m., the book was done.

Jackie has always had a passion and gift with children and over the past sixteen years has been a nanny for several wonderful families. Today she feels a calling and desire to be used by God to reveal to girls of every age the gifts and purposes that God has for them.

Jackie was raised by her loving parents, Jack and Linda Marquis, in Brownsburg, Indiana. As a teenage girl, Jackie ran away from home. Through God’s grace and the prayers of her parents, the Holy Spirit returned her to her home, got a hold on her life, and she has never been the same. In 1997, she married Tim Gaskins and moved to Georgia.

Tim and Jackie are the blessed parents of four beautiful daughters who are the princesses in their lives: Hannah Grace, Kaylind Faith, Abigail Joy, and Sophia Hope. Jackie home schools their girls and is passionate about raising them to love and serve the Lord.

Jackie gives all praise to her Lord and Savior for this blessing and prays that The Four Princesses blesses all that read and hear it, and believes that this book is a way to reach out to girls of all ages to reveal God’s love, plan, and purpose for their lives. She wants to reveal Jesus to them in a way that empowers every girl to be all He wants them to be.

Her wish is that “Each of you may know that God has a plan for you and your life. He has given gifts to each of us to complete our purpose and journey here until eternity. My prayer is that all will realize their gifts and use them for His glory.”

Tim, Jackie, and their four daughters reside in Gainesville, Georgia, with their two dogs (Midnight and Millie) and two guinea pigs (Charlotte and Patches). The Gaskins are members of Freedom Tabernacle Church in Cumming, Georgia.

Jackie is also a feature writer for Be Inspired magazine.

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Check out Jackie’s website at JackieGaskins.com or VirtuousGirlsForGod.com. You can also reach her through Facebook and Twitter.

About the Book

The Four Princesses is available through the BQB online store, and the below retailers:

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