Anna Lee Everhart | Bearful Bear and His New Moves

This book review for Anna Lee Everhart’s Bearful Bear and His New Moves is top notch!

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Five-Star Review by Joy H. for Readers Favorite

Bearful Bear wants to do something different, so one day as he goes though the forest he decides to try and move like all of the animals he sees around him. So the fun begins for Bearful Bear as these forest creatures show him how they move around. And wow, does Bearful Bear like all of the different moves he can do? And your child can move like this too when you read them this wonderful new book by authors Anna Lee Everhart and Marcie.

Bearful Cover v.3This is the cutest book, and one that all children will love and ask for over and over. My Abbi girl had a blast while I was reading this book to her, flying around, jumping and hopping, and she especially loved galloping like a horse. She loved romping around with Bear, as she called him, telling me to read it again and again. One thing I really like about this book is the way it makes children want to get up and move around, and they have a wonderful time doing the moves.

This book is so awesome that it should be in every preschool and daycare classroom, as well as in any home school library and your child’s home library. It is very well written and has a nice layout and is easy to follow. And the illustrations are so very awesome and colorful, and as you read the book it is just as though they are moving right off the page! I guess you can tell I love this little book! You just can’t go wrong picking up a copy for your child or classroom.

Para SeparatorLovely illustrations and enticing, easy-to-read text explore a young bear’s developing motor skills, inspired by his boundless curiosity: “How? Why? Can I?” young readers and older, “new” readers will surely enjoy Bearful Bear very much!

~Mallory Forbes for NetGalley
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This was a very cute children’s book. I don’t have children yet but I have two nephews, one who would be old enough to listen and try to do all of the groovy moves that Bearful Bear is learning. It would be a great book for all young children, but especially for those who have a difficult time sitting still for story time. Bearful Bear encourages kids to move around and try different things, like hopping, galloping, and rolling. It’s interactive and fun. The drawings are bright and beautiful and would probably be exciting for children. They are encouraged to look at the pictures and try to find the next animal who will teach Bearful Bear some new grooves.

~Amanda Rodriguez for NetGalley

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Bearful Bear loves to romp and play and can do so all day long, but one day he wonders if he could possibly do some of the moods of some of the other creatures of the woods where he lives. He looks to Rosie Robin to learn to fly for one move and to Harry Horse to gallop for another. Follow along as he checks out the many different moves and learns them for his own. Perhaps you could try a few for yourself. This is such a delightful story for young children and those learning to read. Young ones will love acting out the different moves for themselves. The laughter and fun will more than make up for the grass stains and dirt smudges. Bearful Bear and His New Moves will quickly become one of your children’s favorite all time reads. And if you are willing to admit it as true it wil become one of favorite books to read to them. Let the fun times roll. This was a fun time for me and the young ones in my family to enjoy. This is the perfect gift book for Holidays and Birthdays.

~DelAnne Frazee for NetGalley
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Bearful Bear is a children’s story about a fun and loving bear who wants to learn how to move like some of his animal friends, including a robin, a frog and a horse, among others.

First, I have to say that the art in this book is beautiful! I immediately fell in love with it! The characters are so cute-Bearful Bear has such a personality, and the faun and trees were my favorite! (Although I had a difficult time trying to decide, since they all felt like my friends!) Even when it comes to the story, I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I was having reading it, and reading it aloud! The word play and the rhyme makes it very enjoyable! There was guessing based on small hints in the pictures on which friend he would meet next, which wasn’t even needed because the story alone made me want to groove along with Bearful Bear, but it was a really nice addition and made it that much more interactive!

Not only would I recommend this book, and want it for my (future) kids to read, but I’d also love to see more art by this illustrator (Marcie Ferron), as I think it’d be perfect for the nursery and the hobby/homeschooling room I plan on having in my home! Amazing work and so much fun.

~Brittany Kindt for NetGalley