Edith Hawkins | Summer Adventures with Kate & JR

Read this great review for Summer Adventures with Kate & JR, written by Edith Hawkins.

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“This is one of those little gems rarely found on the bookshelf. Short children stories yet so refreshing and different from the norm. Reading these stories takes you back to you childhood, each one so memorable. Lovely book, really liked and would highly recommend it.”

~Pam Thomas for NetGalley

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5 stars. “This book is such a good book to read. It is geared more toward school aged children. I enjoyed reading it. Kate and JR spend part of the summer with their two sets of grandparents and learn different things with them. They spend time with their parents also. This book is one that I think is a great one for the bookshelf of children. It is easy to read, it lets your imagination work, it has few pictures which I like so your imagination works and I highly recommend it. I only wish I could give more that 5 stars.”

~Marjorie Boyd-Springer for NetGalley