Heather C. Toner | Where In The World Will We Go Today?

Read these reviews for Heather C. Toner’s Where In The World Will We Go Today?

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“This is a cute introduction to world countries for young children. The rhymes are engaging, and the pictures interesting. I likWhere In The World Will We Go Todayed that the book showed the location of each country on the globe, and I enjoyed the colorful illustrations… for a younger audience of preschool and lower elementary students, this would be great.”

~Educator, Laurel Matsuda for NetGalley.

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“Love the rhyming, maps and informational facts.”

~Educator, Kristen Kilpatrick for NetGalley.

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“This is a lovely rhyming book with hand painted maps and facts about various places around the world. It would be a nice way to introduce the study of other countries and where they are on the world map. Each country is introduced un-named with its place on the globe and children will enjoy guessing which country it is before the rhyme on the next page tells us. With repeated reading children will enjoy joining in with the rhyme. A lovely picture and rhyming book for children but also an extra resource for the teacher.”
~Cailin Doherty for Just Book Talk
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“This was a great travel book for children. My boys loved reading about the different countries. This book helped open a whole world up to my kids.”

~Melissa Pollard for NetGalley

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“I was surprised that I liked this book. I don’t ordinarily like rhyming books, especially but this one had a lovely, bouncy rhythm that doesn’t get clangy. I also like the pictures. I don’t see this as a read-aloud, but I do think that the kids will have a good time looking at it and asking questions about the different things in the pictures.”

~Allison Dollar (Librarian) for NetGalley