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Five-Star Review by Kristie I. for Readers’ Favorite

“Together Again” a children’s book written by Laurie Stephens and illustrated by Sharon Grey. It is a must-have for any family with adopted children. This tells the story of a mother and daughter who are joined together through adoption. The baby girl is born in China and raised in an orphanage. Meanwhile, an American woman is praying for a baby and suddenly she knows that her baby is in China. When the time arrives, she travels to China to pick up her baby from the orphanage. After spending some time in China, they return to America where she meets her new family and she is home safe with her mother.Together Again

This is a beautifully illustrated and well-written book about adoption. The process of adoption is included in the book in a simple way that is understandable for children. This is also a great way to explain adoption to children as well. There is such a strong emotional component to it as well so that while reading the story I could just feel that bond between mother and daughter and the connection that is there between them. This would be an excellent book for parents to share with their adoptive children as it expresses so well the desire to adopt and the love and bond that is there between mother and daughter before they are together and the feelings of completeness and home once they are finally together. A beautiful story that will be treasured by parents and children.