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Reviews for A Light in the Dark

5 STARS. “A Light in the Dark is just that…when there is complete and utter darkness, there is a hint of light. This book was amazing and held my attention from the very beginning.”

~Bren Wotherspoon for NetGalley

9781939371966“I can only imagine how hard it is to live after surviving a trauma, a light in dark by Benjamin Marla is a story of two people who learn to live again. The story was doubtless moving and inspiring,It was a story of hope and the fact that we can get out of the clutches of the memories of a very bad incident with love and support. The characters were well built.

Dez Parker was a strong and most loving and caring boyfriend I’ve ever read about, he was supportive, sexy and sarcastic some times. Sabrina was one of the strongest female character I’ve ever read about,even though she kept falling, she never gave up hope. The relationship between them was strong with ups and down,but that was what made it perfect. I couldn’t help but notice some similar content to Gillian Flynn’s Gone girl in the beginning but now I’m assured it was nothing like gone girl. The writing was subtle and easy, the best thing I liked about the book was that it seemed so real,the words were real,the story came out alive.

I highly recommend it to people who have gone through some small or big trauma in their lives and are struggling to overcome it.This book will give them hope and a light in the dark.This novel takes us through the journey of two people who,kept holding on to each other no matter what happened,it’s a story of recovery and of the importance of love in our lives I cant wait for it to get published! I’m dying to get the copy of the book in my hands!”

~Anushka Anand for Felicity of Books

5 stars. “Jackson is the bad boy who has no problem having girls on his arm and enjoying the lifestyle the band affords him. However he has some secrets of his own he would like to keep, when one walks in the door and turns his world on its edge he starts to question the past and what could have been. Kerrigan is broken and home and has a secret that could break most people, but she has decided to put that to the side and take on this job as a band manager, she just never thought she would be babysitting and that was going to end real quick. When she discovers who is in the band she sets in her heart and mind that she will keep everything professional and not let Jack affect her or her job in any way. When things go array will she and Jack be able to put everything aside and fight for whats right or will it be best she just walk away?

This book is utterly amazing. I seriously could not put this book down I stayed up late one night just to finish reading it. So amazing. I really enjoyed each of the characters, even the ones who were not meant to be so great. Each person played such and important roll in the book I could not imagine the book going any other way. I found the book to be on the edge of your seat on some points and others just completely enjoyable and going with the flow. The storyline flowed amazingly and kept you guessing. The language was strong in the book, there were some adult scenes and some tough topics in the book, so the book will not be right for all ages but its so worth the read.

IF you are looking for a love story were not everything just falls into place this is the story for you.”

~Sarah Ortiz for NetGalley

“A Light in the Dark is a book about restoring hope, finding the strength inside of one’s self, and learning that even in our darkest hours, love overcomes. Sabrina has it all… until a chance encounter changes her life. The ramifications ricochet through her life, and nobody is left undamaged- not Dez, her perfect fiance, or Olivia, his daughter. Sabrena must find herself, find her strength, and learn to overcome… and she does.

This book has well-developed characters who could be your family. The plot line is easy to follow. It is well-written, and the journey Sabrena must take is inspirational There are some parts of the story that are slow-going, but the resolution makes it worth it.

Recommend for those who love a good love story.”

~Lauren Bates for NetGalley