Priscilla Whitaker | Mr. Blue

The review for Mr. Blue by Priscilla Whitaker is great praise!

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Mr. Blue

Mr. Blue was a very quick read that was filled with interesting tidbits about the Great Blue Heron. Insightful information was coupled with beautiful photos to make this a wonderful learning experience. I really liked the interactive quality that the book had. I think kids will enjoy this book.

~Kim Teamer for NetGalley

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This is a simple non-fiction book that is very appropriate for young readers. It does not go into great detail, but instead focuses on the daily activities and characteristics of a great blue heron. Each page includes a clear photo of the bird and a sentence or two of explanation. Along with basic facts, it also includes a few pages describing what the bird can do through a comparison to it playing games. I would definitely recommend this book for young readers interested in learning more about different animals.

~Daisey Diederich for NetGalley

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A great introduction to a fun backyard bird to watch, the Blue Heron! Priscilla Whitaker, takes children through the day of Mr. Blue. with beautiful, bright photographs of the blue heron and simple descriptions of Mr. Blue and his activities throughout the day.

I love that this was an interactive book and asked questions such as: “Mr. Blue likes to spend time playing games. Do you like to play games?” These questions are great for fostering appreciation of animals around them.

Mr. Blue is aimed at younger children, best suited for ages 2-6.

~Stephanie Hildreth for NetGalley

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If you enjoy bird watching or reading about animals, then give this book a try. Mr. Blue is a Great Blue Heron whose human neighbor has written a book about how a heron spends his days. The photos of Mr. Blue show details like his long legs, flexible neck, and daily activities. The author has documented the heron fishing, preening, and flying over the pond near her house. Young readers will enjoy seeing the crisp clear photographs as they learn about how tall a heron can grow and how wide its wingspan can be. This would be a good book to share with students and talk about narrative nonfiction and writing about things they observe in nature.

~Suzanne Costner for NetGalley

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What is not to love about this book? I was thrilled to download this book and look at the pictures on my Kindle, let alone read the words that describe the Great Blue Heron. As the author gives us details and facts about the Great Blue Heron I am absorbing lots of interesting details that amaze me about the spectacular bird. With terrific detail photos showing up the birds talons, his face, his grace and his eating habitats just to name a few, in his natural habitat I feel that I am not intruding. I feel as if I am hidden behind a bush watching this bird go about his day. The authors choice of words will make your child feel as if they are part of this adventure with words like “Doesn’t he look silly?” and “How tall are you?’ The text is simple to read yet it is full of interesting facts about the bird. I absolutely adore this non-fiction book. Thank you NetGalley for providing me a copy of this book.

~Sandy Steckler for NetGalley

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Well written with beautiful imagery and insightful wording perfect for all young minds. Even my 9 year old enjoyed looking over this book. He says it’s written smart and has perfect pictures. This would be a wonderful gift to any younger child and a perfect addition to a school library. I received a free digital copy from the publisher for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

~Jennifer Strohschein for NetGalley