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Reviews for Redemption

5 Stars. “REDEMPTION is the second book in Jon Stafford’s Reluctant Warrior series. I had nothing but high praise for the first book and thought that this book could not be better. Glad to say I was so wrong on that point. This book is excellent reading and brings in an aspect of the home front and demobilization that is not discussed in history class or in the general literature World War II: womenRedemption by Jon Stafford and families and how the men made meaningful lives after their time in the service. Now for those that want to jump on the equality bandwagon and complain that Stafford leaves out the Women’s Auxiliary Units, that is true but only because he is focusing on a set of men and their war buddies and close family members in this series. He is not omitting women for any nefarious or chauvinistic reasoning. I loved that he follows these men and their families after the war and how buddies met during training or combat become brothers of a different sort and their sisters become life partners of steadfastness that is not seen often in more recent times. This book shows the wom enough who cared for these men in their re-lived nightmares and moments of self-loathing and doubt. These women taught these men that love can change a person and give Redemption of various kinds. Reading these stories brought me close to or caused tears of bittersweet reminisce as my grandparents met solely because my Grandfather lamented to a bunk mate, my Grandmother’s brother during Basic that he didn’t have much of anyone to write to home to. Her brother responded that he knew someone he could write to. Also, the one part where a soldier signs a letter with simply “Me” as my Grandfather signed everything to my Grandmother for almost 50 years connected me to the stories on a deeply personal level. I can’t wait to get ahold of the third book.”

~Lesley Bodemann for NetGalley