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Reviews for The Promise of Another Life

promise5 stars. “Christian was thirteen when he devised a plan and made it look like his drug addicted mother had physically abused him by pushing him into a glass mirror and his arm was severely cut. One of the paramedics who came to take care of Christians arm was about twenty her name was Rachel and she came to see Christian as he had been allergic to some pain medicine he had been given and Christian had been out of it for three days. Now christian lives with his father Alexander/Alex who is wealthy. But Alex made it clear they were only to act close in public. Also they was a set of rules and conditions Christian was to live by such as he had a week to heal then he would have to get a summer job to provide all he needed. He also could live in Alex’s house for five years when he was eighteen then he would be on his own. Rachel stayed in contact with Christian toke him to a art store to get an easel and other things he needed to paint her a picture for her apartment. Alex made Christian sign a document also on what was allowed and what to expect from Alex until Christian turns eighteen and graduated.

I didn’t really think I would like this story from the first couple of pages I read but ended up loving it and not wanting to put it down after the first chapter. I was totally caught up in the story it made me laugh at times and others it made the tears come down my cheeks. How long did someone have to suffer for their past. This story just held so much emotion in it and so many little twists so many times. It had a lot of romance but I am not sure if I’d really call this story a romance or at the very least that’s not all it was. I loved all the ins and outs of this story and highly recommend. Just get past the first couple of pages.”

~Angel Hatfield for NetGalley

4 stars. “The promise of another life is a story about a young boy who does anything to get out of his humble beginnings. This is the first time he begins another life. His mother is a drug attic and his father is a rich, heartless man who cares little for his son. That said Christian chooses to live with his father instead of living with a mother who can hardly take care of yourself. At this point and Christian’s life he is 13 and meets the beautiful Rachel who is a paramedic. Between the ages of 13 and 18 Christian developed a love for Rachel and a love for art. Tragedy happens once more on his graduation day which propels him into living another life, changing his name and changing his profession. Years later new sets of characters enter this plot some being characters from the past and some new. The promise of another life beckons again to our main character, the question is if he will be able to rise above past payments and overcome current dilemmas.

I found this book to be very emotional and intensive. I enjoyed it however wish the author would’ve elaborated a little bit more on the ending. That said my imagination is able to form the ending I would preferred to see. Overall I would recommend this book to someone looking for light mystery and an enlightening message.”

~Lisa Krueger for NetGalley

“Lies, deception and betrayals are at the heart of this novel.

Christian, who lives with his drug and alcohol addicted mother in a dilapidated trailer wants to put this miserable existence behind him so he perpetrates the first lie-accusing his mother of causing a serious injury which was actually self-induced. He meets Rachel, an EMT on his way to the hospital who maintains contact with him even as and after his recovery and plays a major role in his life.

Christian is sent to live with his wealthy, well respected father who never acknowledged or wanted him in the first place and sets down very stringent rules by which Christian must abide or be thrown out and in any case he can only stay until he finishes high school and then must leave. Fortunately his father’s business partner and “friend” John takes a liking to Christian and genuinely seems to care about him, taking him under his wing and becoming his mentor.

He is also befriended by John’s son Stephen as they are relatively close in age. Christian’s true passion lies in painting and with the support he gets from both John and Rachel he is convinced to bring them to a gallery where they are well received and purchased by art collectors. Through his first and favorite painting he discovers a betrayal that, when it comes to light, unravels a number of relationships. With the uproar that ensues John advised him to take the money he earned and make a fresh start. He moves away, calls himself Ryan, goes to law school and becomes a divorce attorney when he is called to defend a woman against his old “friend” Stephen he is brought back into the toxic atmosphere he left. This book is a love story and a mystery. It is about starting over-but it’s major themes of lies, deception and betrayals pervade throughout showing the reader all the harm and destruction they can cause. It is a good read.”

~Marsha Rickles for NetGalley

“The Promise of Another Life by Red Samuels is a contemporary women’s fiction suspense book. Christian Pentnam changes his life with a lie. It is a love story that gives hope in spite of the tangles the characters have in their lives. I gave it four stars.

“People claim the truth will set you free; Christian Pentnam is ready to call their bluff. Lies set him free and running away was his salvation for years. But he can hide no longer….The past has returned to destroy the life he’s created.”

John Nichols tells Christian: “Life is not measured by your hurt. It’s measured by the footprint you leave on this world after you overcome a tragedy.”

~Carolyn Injoy-Hertz for NetGalley

“I seldom read novels … typically I am immersed in research literature. I read the book in an unusual manner …. just a chapter or less per day, and when I could be away from distractions. I found the book to be captivating and in many ways revealing. For under the surface of this book, scattered throughout from chapter to chapter, there lie beautiful gemstones of insight. They remain hidden to the casual reader who moves from page to page without pausing to reflect (Selah). This book is worth owning .. this book is worth reading … this book is worth thinking about. Beyond the carefully woven fabric of the book (the plot, the character development, the descriptive settings painted on the page by Red’s words), the inner heart “DNA” of the author is poured out. When I do read novels, I recognize that the inner person of the author is revealed. This is ever and always unavoidable, for “of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks” Luke 6:45, and a novel is, after all, speech in written form. The book speaks to all of us of the destructive effect of infidelity in whatever form it seeks to disguise itself … marital infidelity … lying and deceit (no matter the justification, is indeed infidelity), and the damage delivered when such deceit is inevitably discovered … the inward fears that deceit imposes upon the deceiver. The book displays, in all its darkness, the hollowness of a selfish life lived for reputation rather than character. Most importantly, Red reveals the rarity and priceless value of true love and true friendship, never to be traded away for temporary fleeting gain. May we be blessed to pause in this busy microwave life and consider our ways, our blessings, our friends, our loved ones, and live a life that leaves a legacy of love.”

~Mark Fitzgerald