Tammy Turner | Falling into Forever

Tammy Turner’s Falling into Forever has received the following high praise.

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Five-Star Review by Tobi Helton for Readers’ Favorite

Alexandra is 17 and getting ready to start her senior year in high school. She and her best friend Taylor are in for a wild ride. With 3 new mysterious men in her life, her crazy dreams keep her from sleeping well through the night, and she wonders if she will make it through her senior year. Benjamin, a new kid in school, attracts Taylor strongly but he seems to be more interested in Alexandra. Callahan, the new history teacher at school, seems to focus on Alexandra also. In addition, a gorgeous guitar player in the park watches her from afar everyday. Why are they all focused on her?Falling Front Cover v.3

Tammy Turner has created a fun new world based in Atlanta, Georgia. The story drew me in immediately with a story from Alexandra’s family’s past and brings you all the way to the present time. With supernatural elements and mystery there isn’t much more you could ask for. And there are the three cute men who pop up every time she turns around. Alexandra is smart and shy and not full of herself at all as she is always in her best friend’s shadow. As typical for a girl not used to the attention, she shies away. Taylor, Alexandra’s bff, can drive you nuts but hey it’s high school, her life is rough and she needs attention. All together an amazing book, a must read!