The End of Never

By Tammy Turner

Book Two in The Spitfire Series

If the new guy in your life promises to love you forever, would you believe him? What if he looks like he stepped right out of a photo shoot for a cologne ad? Still a no? What if he is immortal and can fly? Some girls might be tempted to succumb, but seventeen-year-old Alexandra Peyton is too smart to fall for pickup lines. She knows crushing on her admirer Kraven could get her heart broken. Or maybe even ripped out of her chest. Literally.

In the sequel to debut novel Falling into Forever, Alexandra learns that the end of innocence does not always begin with a warning and growing up means learning to fly with your own wings.

The End of Never continues Alexandra’s journey from quiet girl to warrior princess. When the remnants of Hurricane Emily wreak havoc on the campus of her Atlanta prep school and classes are cancelled for the day, Alexandra does not have time to catch her breath much less chill. Evil still stalks her and must be vanquished. With her best friends along for the ride and Kraven hovering in the shadows, Alexandra confronts her demons and realizes her life will never be the same again.




ISBN 978-1-939371-14-0 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-1-939371-15-7 (eBook)

Young Adult Fiction: Contemporary Fantasy

6 x 9, 276 pages

Publication date: April 9, 2014

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