Inspector Rumblepants and the Case of the Golden Haggis

By Mike Blyth

BQB Award Winner: 2013 winner of the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards Bronze Award in Pre-Teen Fiction/Mystery!

Inspector Rumblepants and Sergeant Widebottom from New Scotland Yard’s Special and Confusing Crime Division are called in (as Sherlock Holmes and Mr. Watson are away on an Austrian skiing holiday) to solve the mysterious theft of the Golden Haggis, the symbol of Scottish royalty.

Battling against time, a dastardly thief and his band of cutthroat gypsies, a mysterious weapon that causes uncontrollable farting, and an evil Scottish prince, they must find the Golden Haggis before the Scottish clans unite to invade England (again) and then take over the world. Helped by Agent Amber, a pretty but lethal secret agent from MI six-and-a-half, the overenthusiastic Inspector Nailhard from the crack police Fast Armed Response Team (FART), and a part-time Scottish secret agent (whose day job is a butcher), they must overcome overwhelming odds and unravel confusing clues in order to solve the case and save the world.




ISBN 978-1-937084-84-4 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-1-937084-85-1 (eBook)

Juvenile Fiction/Mystery & Detective/Action & Adventure

Age group: 7- to 12-year-olds

6 x 9, 104 pages, with 11 full-color illustrated pages

Publication date: February 28, 2013

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