Kinship: The Covering

By Maria Watson

The Kin live in a peaceful covering, far from the evil of plotting elves. That all changes when a fireball streaks across the sky and slams into the forest. Somewhere in the burnt trees, between Kin territory and the enemy stronghold, lies a broken and distressed ship. The Kin need to decide – is this an elf trick, staged to lure them out for capture, or is someone really in need of help? What they find changes everything.

“The first volume in what promises to be an outstanding series by author Maria Watson, Kinship: The Covering debuts the arrival of a singularly gifted author with a firm grasp of storytelling skills that grip the reader’s total attention from beginning to end. A solid entertainment, Kinship: The Covering is highly recommended for the personal reading lists of scifi fans and will leave them looking eagerly toward the next volume of the promised Kinship series.” The Midwest Book Review.

Note: This title is only available on eBook.




ISBN 978-1-60808-084-7

Science Fiction

212 pages

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