Violet Path

By Olivia Lodise

Meticulously trained to be a merciless fighting machine from a young age, Alexia, a startling teen with electrifying violet eyes and a stealthy mercenary mind, now faces her destiny to lead an army through its final stages of world domination. Meanwhile, Matthew, mastermind of the Long War and her overlord, in his bloodlust to fulfill his self-appointed destiny, overlooks a key fray in the rope: the rebellious nature of a teenager.

Distraught over the idea of killing innocent people, she runs away from her prescribed fate to forge her own path in a small resistance military camp devoted to bringing Matthew’s regime to an end: The Shadows. However, Matthew is unwilling to let go of his prize pupil. He turns to every means necessary to bring Alexia back into his clutches to fulfill his plan.

With her eyes of steaming violet and hair of charcoal black silk, a look that differs so radically from others in her community, she solicits the help of her fellow Shadow campers and succeeds in her new life of camouflage . . . but at what cost? Tormented, Alexia watches as Matthew’s soldiers torture and kill her companions in their quest to capture her.

Will her struggle to end the Long War define her true destiny or the death of her soul?




ISBN 978-1-937084-32-5 (eBook)

Contemporary Fantasy/Action & Adventure

410 pages

Publication date: October 18, 2012

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