Costs of Publishing a Book with BQB

How Much Does It Cost to Publish a Book with BQB?

With BQB, authors invest in the production costs (editing, proofreading, interior design, cover design, illustrations, etc.) to take their story from manuscript form to a print-ready book, and BQB is responsible for the costs to take the completed book into the marketplace in both print and eBook formats.

Author’s Responsibility

Authors who are accepted by BQB have the unique opportunity to personally oversee the entire process of taking their story from a rough manuscript to a finished book.

BQB authors have the guidance and expertise of BQB team members to create a high-quality book and sell that book using an effective marketing plan. BQB authors also benefit from the distribution system that BQB has created with entities such as Barnes and Noble, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, etc. (for print books), and Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo, Google Play, Overdrive, etc., for eBooks.

All manuscripts accepted by BQB must go through the BQB production process to ensure they meet our quality standards. Costs are determined on an individual per-book basis, so your final costs depend on the extent of editing that is required, the length of your manuscript, and the illustrator you choose (if illustrations are a part of your book or your cover), etc. 

Publisher’s Responsibility

When BQB accepts a manuscript and an author, BQB agrees to invest time and resources to bring the finished work into the marketplace and shall undertake the following:

  1. Obtain an ISBN number and bar code.
  2. Obtain a Library of Congress Control Number.
  3. Provide marketing support to the author.
  4. Create uploadable print and eBook files for the purpose of sales and distribution.
  5. File for copyright of the completed book for the author once the manuscript is ready for printer upload.
  6. Books are printed by a printer, supplied to the print distributor for sale, and areavailable to you (the author) for purchasing for sales and marketing activities.
  7. Books are made available to bookstores and traditional channels through Publisher’s distributor.
  8. Books are made available for purchase on and
  9. Provide distribution of the finished book in both print and eBook formats through a variety of distribution channels, both online and traditional.
  10. Provide a listing in our online catalog that advertises the book to wholesalers, distribution companies, and booksellers.
  11. Work with distributors on marketing and promotion of the book.
  12. Create an author’s press kit that you and BQB can use for marketing and media purposes.
  13. Provide “Search Inside the Book” option on Amazon and listing on Google Books.
  14. Create and distribute press releases to local media and/or national sources when appropriate.
  15. Post your profile information on our website.
  16. Provide access to an author-only section on our website designed specifically for informing and training authors published by BQB.
  17. Maintain a social media presence and use social media for the marketing and promotion of you and your book.
  18. Bring media opportunities to your attention when BQB becomes aware of them and they are appropriate for you and your book.
  19. Seek reviews for your book.
  20. Help in setting up and learning how to set up book signings at a variety of venues.
  21. Help in finding and selling to niche markets for which your book is appropriate.
  22. Ongoing marketing support and training after your book is published through conference calls, webinars, and other methods of marketing training that will help you understand how, where, and when you can help with the marketing and sales of your book.

BQB is constantly shifting, changing, and growing the opportunities for our authors and their books to get deeper into the marketplace.


BQB is dedicated to making each of our authors successful by providing quality service. If you would like a reference from one of our signed authors, please email Terri, and we will be happy to respond to your questions and connect you directly with BQB authors who are already a part of our family.

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