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Reviews for The Gift

5 stars. “Moseley’s love and passion for baseball is evident throughout the book, and it’s infectious.”

– Literary Titan

5 stars. “Moseley is a masterful writer who skillfully delivers a message that is both engaging and relatable. Readers will find themselves drawn into the story, eagerly turning pages to find out what happens next.”

Maru Semprini, for Amazon

5 stars. “The Gift is a powerful testament to Moseley’s talent for weaving a compelling and unforgettable story that will linger with readers long after they turn the final page.”

– Susel Dezzani, for Amazon

Reviews for Choker

5 stars. “Choker by Bob Moseley is a brilliant coming-of-age novel that will have great appeal to sports fans, a novel that immerses the reader in the drama of high school. It follows sixteen-year-old Mark Chamberlain, a young man who has always dreamed of playing in a state basketball championship. He does get his chance to play, but what once was a dream suddenly becomes a haunting experience. He loses confidence as his performance becomes mediocre. His unsupportive father doesn’t make things any better for him. At school, Mark becomes the laughing stock of his peers. Humiliated and lacking self-confidence, only the support of a beautiful girl gives him hope. With another basketball season looming ahead, can he find the courage and enough fight in him to redeem himself this time?

Bob Moseley made me care about his protagonist. The narrative is done in a voice that touches different emotions in readers, at times it is smooth and confident, at times humorous. He allows the sarcasm to come out clearly. The narrative reminds readers of their high school days, of the bullying and of the stigma that some people experience in this challenging time. Mark is an interesting character, one that loses faith in himself—thanks to the derision of his peers. I enjoyed the way the author navigated the emotions of the protagonist, exploring factors that hurt his self-esteem and confidence. Themes of friendship, sports, and personal development are developed and in a very skillful way. Choker is written at a masterly pace and in captivating prose. A delightful read, indeed.”

Reader’s Favorite

“An engrossing sports story. Mark Chamberlain is a high school reserve basketball player tapped to shoot the two most important baskets of the high school state championship game….the crowd is roaring….his heart is pounding…and he chokes. This novel is about how he overcomes what could be a life-defining moment, and the hardships and achievements he encounters along the way. The writing is crisp and the story moves along cleanly — the descriptions of the games really put the reader right in the action and read true. This is suitable for young adults, middle school and up (including adults) who enjoy sports, teamwork, and a great coming of age story. I would recommend this!”

– Literary Titan

“I love these types of stories because they are basically the foundation of almost every sports anime/manga out there and I’m a sucker for that type of story. This was an enjoyable read with clear writing and a good sense of the moment during the games – I love it when you can really feel the crowd. The plot was smooth and the growth and change in Mark was natural and comfortable. Overall a good sports story and a good coming-of-age story.”

– Aislinn Shivakumar, for NetGalley