BQB Testimonials

BQB Publishing has garnered some high praise for its revolutionary publishing practices—read more here!

I’ve been extremely pleased with BQB. You’ve all been fantastic. It’s honestly probably the best working relationship I’ve ever had with a company. Very helpful and very professional.

John A. Daly

I wanted you to know that I’ve had nothing but wonderful feedback from all the authors I contacted. They especially love you and your commitment to them and the company. Wonderful indeed!

Tiffany Moen

My experience with BQB has been positive and rewarding. I made a decision to use BQB to publish the Second Edition of my debut novel, The Mile Marker Murders. I wanted to determine if their author support and marketing assistance would justify the publication expenses and, would they be able to deliver on their promises. I have recouped my original publication expenses for the first printing from another company (which I do not intend to use again). To date BQB’s support has been outstanding and I intend to use BQB for the publication of my second suspense novel which I hope to finish within a month. Terri and her staff respond rapidly to any e-mails you submit. She and her staff are personable, approachable, professional and dependable. BQB wants you to succeed and gears their efforts towards that end.

C.W. Saari

In this time of such upheaval in publishing, it takes an entrepreneur with extraordinary vision and courage to start a new press. Terri Leidich is proving herself to be such an entrepreneur. We feel that their knack for discovering unknown talent combined with their business model for fully engaging their authors not only in the creation of projects, but also in the promotion of their books, will ensure their continued success.

–Alim Thompson, CEO, New Leaf Distributing Company

BQB offers an excellent combination of what publishing should be: fair dealing and careful consideration of their authors.

–Shari Stauch, creator, Where Writers Win

Terri Leidich introduced us to her publishing house, BQB Publishing…It’s a very cool blend of the standards and distribution channels of traditional publishing, with some of the flexibility and skin-in-the-game for the author that self-publishing allows. I think it’s the bee’s knees. So is Terri, whose passion for publishing made me want to work with her. You know, as soon as I have a manuscript and all . . .

–Sarah Beth Jones, co-owner, Nary Ordinary Business Services