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C.W. Saari lends his unique expertise in intelligence to his fiction writing.

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A former Marine Corps officer, C.W. Saari spent twenty-seven years as an FBI Special Agent who supervised undercover operations and espionage cases. A graduate of Whittier College, Willamette University Law School, and the National War College, he is now a private investigator in Lexington, South Carolina, where he resides with his wife Carol.

At the top of C.W.’s “bucket list” was the challenge of writing a crime novel. As he watched reruns of NYPD Blue, which he enjoyed because of realistic plots and intriguing characters, he was reminded that his book would never get written unless he actually started it. Then fate intervened, as it often will, and a change in jobs and location gave him the opportunity for writing that he had been missing.

At the same time, his wife urged him from talking about writing to doing something about it. She strategically placed near his dinner plate a newspaper notice about a local writers’ group meeting that very evening. C.W. attended, was hooked, and got excited about the project.

Like many who venture into the field of writing, the more he wrote, the more C.W. learned how little he knew. He admits that just as his confidence was soaring in choosing the right words, he was brought down to earth by a game of scrabble with Carol. He willingly concedes that she has continued to be a gracious winner, as well as an excellent reviewer of his multiple drafts as The Mile Marker Murders took form.

He happily reports the end result is that his book was finished, his marriage remains intact, and he was able to cross off a priority item on his bucket list.


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