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November is Native American Indian Heritage Month!

Check out these titles featuring prominent Native American characters or influences:

“In his teens, Oldhorse had formed a deep fascination with the history of the Lakota Indian tribe that he’d discovered his biological parents were descendants of. His mother and father had died in a house fire when he was an infant. His interest in the tribe became an obsession once he returned to Colorado after a few years in the US Army infantry, much of which he’d spent overseas. Despite the bonds he’d formed in the military, he returned to the state as a loner after his adoptive parents retired and moved to Florida. Over the next couple of years, he’d tracked down and sought wisdom among Lakota tribe elders, even traveling throughout the Dakota states and learning to live off the land while he worked as a ranch hand outside of Rosebud, South Dakota.” — Excerpt from From a Dead Sleep by John A. Daly

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