By John A. Daly

Life’s gotten better for hard-edged security guard, Sean Coleman. With personal affairs in order and relationships rekindled, he travels to Las Vegas to help celebrate a buddy’s last days as a bachelor.

Soon after he arrives, however, a twist of fate spawns a reunion with an old flame. Curiosity and a desire to make amends unexpectedly leads Sean down a dark path into the Vegas underground, where another face from the past emerges — a federal fugitive whose family, years earlier, altered the course of Sean’s life.

A harrowing escape drops Sean in the barren wasteland of a Nevada desert, miles away from the glitz and glamor of Sin City. There, he must fight to stay alive against a well-armed group of men whose bloodlust and greed won’t stop them from getting what they’re after.





ISBN 978-1-952782-50-3 (Paperback)


6 x 9, 450 pages

Publication date: February 8, 2022

(Book 1 in the Sean Coleman Thriller series: From a Dead Sleep – ISBN 978-1-937084-54-7)

(Book 2 in the series: Blood Trade – ISBN 978-1-939371-69-0)

(Book 3 in the series: Broken Slate – ISBN 978-1-945448-08-9)

(Book 4 in the series: Safeguard – ISBN 978-1-945448-51-5)

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