Process for Submitting a Manuscript to BQB

BQB Publishing Criteria

BQB Publishing publishes Fiction books. If you have a Nonfiction or Literary Fiction manuscript, you can submit it to our WriteLife Publishing imprint.

BQB accepts only manuscripts that we believe in. The process for submitting a manuscript begins by reviewing the author’s submission. The manuscript submission guidelines are detailed below, or you, the author, can request that they are emailed to you.

NOTE: At this time, we are not accepting submissions for children’s 8×10 or larger illustrated books with a word count of 1200 or less.


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Manuscript Submission Process

BQB reviews all manuscripts that we receive. If the submission meets our high-quality standards for writing and story line, BQB will work with you and offer advice on preparing your book for publishing.

Whether your manuscript needs rewriting, minor editing, illustrations, or just print preparation, BQB will be with you every step of the way.

And, if BQB does not accept your manuscript for publishing, we let you know why that decision has been reached instead of just simply sending you a “no thank you” note. We understand that writers often just need guidance when submitting a manuscript as to what it takes to get a book published and that serious writers will put in the hours of rewriting and learning to follow their passion.

As a company owned and managed by writers, our main goal at BQB is to support and guide writers.

Why Submit Your Manuscript to Us

While you have options for getting your book published, very few independent book publishers offer the kind of ongoing marketing support that BQB offers. The top five advantages to submitting a manuscript to BQB are as follows:

  1. You control your book! Your involvement as an author in the process of creating your book—from start to finish—is instrumental in making sure the finished product reflects your voice and your idea.
  2. Quality books! The quality controls BQB has in place ensure that while your author’s voice is respected and retained, the final book is well edited and well designed.
  3. Getting your book ready. When your manuscript is submitted to BQB, it goes to our acquisition editor where it is thoroughly reviewed. If it’s determined to not yet be ready for publishing, you will receive a comprehensive review of why it isn’t. The most common problem areas that we see in rejected manuscripts are point of view problems, underdeveloped characters, and underdeveloped storylines. Once you as a writer understand where your manuscript needs work, you have the choice to do that work and resubmit the manuscript, if you so choose. We’re not looking for perfection, but for good writing and a storyline or concept that is strong and intriguing. When a manuscript is accepted by BQB, our acquisition editor outlines the areas that need work and the author pays for the services (editing, proofreading, interior and cover design) that need to be done to get the book ready for publishing. Once it’s ready, BQB gets the book into the final print and eBook formats, and into the marketplace where it is available through distributors (both print and eBook). BQB also obtains reviews, communicates with booksellers to acquaint them with the book, and uses a variety of marketing mediums to help build a fan base for the author and interest in the book.
  4. Training! Along with the marketing support that BQB provides, we also help empower and educate our authors to guide them in the task of promoting and marketing their books.
  5. You can actually make money with your book! BQB’s generous royalties program emphasizes our author-centric focus. We are here to help you publish your book, make it the best book it can be, and work with you to aid in realizing some monetary gains.

Guidelines for Submitting a Manuscript

  1. Contact Information: Using Microsoft Word, type your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address on the first page.
  2. First Page Footer: On the bottom of the first page, include a sentence that affirms that you have fully reviewed BQB’s publishing guidelines and that you understand our model of publishing.
  3. Write a one- or two-page detailed synopsis of your manuscript, giving us an overview of your story line and characters.
  4. The third page will be your title page. Please include your book’s title, byline (use your pen name here if you have one), approximate word count, genre (category), anticipated target audience, if you used a program such as Dragon-Speak to put your manuscript into printed form, and if your manuscript has previously been self-published by you, the author, or through a self-publishing company.
  5. On the fourth page, begin your manuscript, using an easy-to-read 12 pt. font such as Times Roman or Arial, double-space, and include page numbers on the bottom of each page.
  6. Include your entire manuscript in this Microsoft Word file.
  7. Submit your manuscript via email to Terri Leidich.


Process of Publishing a Book with BQB