About BQB Publishing

BQB: A Writer’s Publishing Company

Founded in 2010 by Terri Ann Leidich because she sensed a dearth of options in the publishing industry for dedicated, involved authors, independent book publisher Boutique of Quality Books (BQB) Publishing Company was created to provide those authors with an avenue to publication while respecting and cultivating their input, creativity, and vision. BQB Publishing knows that you, as an author, have put your heart and soul into creating your written work, and BQB keeps that in mind through every step of the publishing process.

Coming from all backgrounds and from all over the country, authors choose BQB because BQB offers them control, support, a reasonable upfront cost, and generous royalty payments.

Be sure to check out our FAQs, and please email Terri Leidich if you have further questions.


BQB Publishing is dedicated to making each of our authors successful by providing quality service. If you would like a reference from one of our signed authors, please email Terri Leidich, and we will be happy to respond to your questions and connect you directly with BQB authors who are already a part of our family.

In addition, please review our testimonials page, where you can see some glowing feedback!

What Makes Us Different

While you have options for getting your book published, very few independent book publishers offer the kind of ongoing support that BQB Publishing offers. The top five advantages that BQB offers are as follows:

  1. You control your book! Your involvement as an author in the process of creating your book—from start to finish—is instrumental in making sure the finished product reflects your voice and your idea.
  2. Quality books! The quality controls BQB has in place ensure that while your author’s voice is respected and retained, the final book is well edited and well designed.
  3. Marketing and selling your book! BQB initially invests around $5,000 for each book we accept for publication toward distribution and professional marketing services.
  4. Training! Along with the marketing support that BQB provides, we also help empower and educate our authors to guide them in the task of promoting and marketing their books.
  5. You can actually make money with your book! BQB’s generous royalties program emphasizes our author-centric focus. We are here to help you publish your book, make it the best book it can be, and work with you to aid in realizing some monetary gains.