Process of Publishing a Book with BQB

BQB Publishing Process

Many of the following steps happen concurrently to make the process of publishing a book with BQB as efficient as possible.

Sign the Contract and Participate in a Project Launch Call

After you sign a publishing contract with BQB and submit the first payment, the BQB Managing Editor, or one of his project managers, along with our President/VP of Sales and Marketing, will set up an introductory call to get to know you and the vision you have for your book.

Virtually Meet and Start Working with Your Editor

The project manager will select an editor he or she feels will be a good match for you and your manuscript. After the editor selection, the project manager will oversee the process as you and your editor work together to make your book the best that it can be. This process can take from a few weeks to several months. Once your book has gone through the BQB editing process, a BQB proofreader will review the manuscript.

Virtually Meet and Start Working with Your Illustrator (if applicable)

If your book requires illustrations or if you choose to have your book cover illustrated, BQB will help with that part of the process as well, with you choosing, in concert with the project manager, the illustrator that best suits your vision for your book.

Participate in the Design Process

During the book design process, you will be involved in choosing the cover and interior design features for your book.

Review the Pages

Once your book has been designed, you will be sent the pages in PDF format. While you are reviewing the book, making sure that you have no further changes, the book also goes to a second BQB proofreader (one of the many ways we strive for the highest quality is having several proofreads on each and every book; this allows yet another set of eyes to review the book, making sure that everything is as it should be).

Sign Off and Wait for the Finished Product!

Once all necessary changes are made, you will sign off on the cover and interior, and BQB will upload the final print-ready files to the printer. BQB then does an extensive approval process to ensure that the final products meet our high standards. Once approved, the book is ready for the shelves!

In the Meantime . . . 

At the same time you are working with our creative staff, BQB will post your bio to the BQB website and compile your press kit. The marketing process begins as soon as you come aboard with BQB.

At Every Step, There is Quality

At all stages of work, the BQB team reviews and oversees your project. We are passionate about making each book as perfect as it can be, and we take pride in our quality control processes.