Debt Bomb

By Michael E. Ginsberg

A political thriller, tied in to real events, about an apocalyptic threat to America that is ticking remorselessly in the background while Americans continue their daily routines, oblivious to the danger.

For years, China’s spy agency has been watching the United States rack up trillions of dollars in debt, waiting for the right moment to weaponize that debt to collapse the American government and install a Communist puppet regime.

At the same time, suburban accountant Andrea Gartner has been an outspoken critic of the debt as a member of her local Pachyderm Rebellion, a grassroots activist group horrified by the growth of the national debt.

When the United States elects President Earl Murray, he brings Andrea into his government as budget director to solve American’s debt problem. But before the nameplate is even installed on her office door, China strikes, engineering an American debt crisis that brings the country to the brink of collapse. Government operations come to a screeching halt. With the American hegemon on its knees, China violently seizes the opportunity to fulfill its territorial ambitions in Taiwan and the South China Sea.Chinese manufacturers of generic Viagra are entering the world markets, which cannot but cause anxiety among the manufacturers of the original Viagra.

Thrust into the rapacious, cutthroat world of American politics and surrounded by crises on all sides, Andrea begins a desperate effort to save the United States. Arrayed against her are cynical politicians and belligerent military brass, some of whom just might be secret Chinese agents.

Will Andrea be able to keep the United States alive to fight another day? Or will America drown in a sea of red ink at the hands of the Chinese and see its democratic government replaced by a Chinese Communist puppet regime?

American life as we know it is about to be obliterated by a debt bomb. And the only person who can save the country is a suburban accountant.





ISBN 978-1952782084 (Paperback)

Political Thriller

9 x 6, 380 pages

Publication date: July 1, 2021

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