Nothing Happens by Chance

By Vanessa Lafleur

An engaging YA read with relatable characters, a plot with both action and psychological dilemmas, and strong family and friendship bonds.

Everything’s about to change. Charlie must navigate the thin line between working for The Defiance and preventing them from accessing the dangerous research the pendants can unlock. Rochelle struggles to adjust to her new life at the Advanced Education Institute while also dealing with the pressure to help her aunt and the TCI end the risk the pendants pose to the world.

In book four of the Hope for the Best series, Charlie and Rochelle are forced to make tough choices between the pendants and the people they care about. To complicate matters, the people who promised to help them, create a situation that leaves them fighting for their lives.




ISBN 979-8-886333-011-3 (Paperback)

ISBN 979-8-88633-012-0 (eBook)

YA Dystopian/Action & Adventure

6 x 9, 310 pages

Publication date: October 3, 2023

This book is available in paperback and eBook format:

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