Reviews | Vanessa Lafleur

Reviews for Nothing Happens By Chance

5 stars. “This was a strong fourth book in the Hope for the Best series, it had everything that I was hoping for from the previous three books. The characters had everything that I was looking for and had the concept that I expected from the series. Vanessa Lafleur does a great job in writing this and the other three books in this series.”

— Kay McLeer, for NetGalley

Reviews for Tomorrow Will be Better

5 stars. “I really enjoyed reading this book, I had enjoyed the first book in the series. This had what I wanted in a sequel and the characters were just as good as they were in the first.”

— Kay McLeer, for NetGalley



Reviews for Hope for the Best

“This was a good read. The premise was good and it moved along at a great pace. I liked that the overall theme was in learning about how important it is to feel connected to others.”

— Cristie Underwood (Bookseller), for NetGalley

“I loved this book. I really felt for Lareina and I was so happy she had friends along her journey. I felt connected to her and because of this I found the book to be a page-turner. I struggled to put it down. I’d definitely recommend this book and I’ll be buying a physical copy when it is released! ”

— Chloe Gibson, for NetGalley