Blood Trade

By John A. Daly

Sean Coleman is back in the latest thriller from John A. Daly, set in the mountains of Winston, Colorado.

Six months after the murder of his uncle, Sean is trying to get his life together. He’s stopped drinking, he’s taking better care of himself, and he’s working hard to keep a fledgling security business afloat. At a blood plasma bank Sean frequents to earn extra income, he meets the distraught relative of Andrew Carson, a man who went missing weeks earlier on the other side of the state, with a pool of blood in the snowy driveway of his home as the only clue to
the man’s fate.

Sean decides to help in the search for Carson and quickly finds himself immersed in a world of deception,  desperation, and danger—a world in which nothing is what it seems, and few can get out of with their lives.



(Audiobook sample)

ISBN 978-1-939371-69-0 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-1-939371-70-6 (eBook)


6 x 9, 290 pages

Publication date: September 24, 2015

(Book 1 in the Sean Coleman Thriller series: From a Dead Sleep – ISBN 978-1-937084-54-7)

(Book 3 in the series: Broken Slate – ISBN 978-1-945448-08-9)

(Book 4 in the series: Safeguard – ISBN 978-1-945448-51-5)

(Book 5 in the series: Restitution – ISBN 978-1-952782-50-3)

This book is available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook format:

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