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“I met Erica at a conference and after hearing her speak, I couldn’t wait to read her book – I was not disappointed. Jessie and Emma are the product of a broken marriage between Len and Laurel. Laurel was absent and at times a danger to the girls and Emma no longer wants to spend summers with her the way Jessie does. This novel tells of the trials and tribulations of loyalty to their two moms as well as their dad and the struggles of life in general. It’s a lovely coming of age story that shows an honest portrait of a family that loves each other but may not always know the best ways to show it. ” — Andrea, Fountain Bookstore, Richmond, VA

5 stars. “This debut novel showcases the complex relationships within one family, focusing on two sisters and their path from infancy through life. Joy, sadness, pain and growth – the story is poignant and beautifully written. The characters come to life and I found myself more invested than I thought, in wanting them to reach a place of resolution and contentment. I loved this book, and highly recommend it!” — Susanne Bart, for NetGalley