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Blue by Kayce Stevens Hughlett5 stars. “I just finished reading Blue, and I want to read it again now that I know the ending. I figured the three main characters had to be related in some way, but it took me a long time to put it all together. This is one of those books that I think will have people buzzing!”

~Judy Gottschalk (Educator) for NetGalley


5 stars. “Intrigue, mystery, vivid imagery, fascinating dialogue, and complex characters quickly draw the reader into this ‘subtle psychological mind – bender.’ The author draws from her experience as a psychotherapist, gifting the reader with curiosity and fascination about the three heroines. What is their ‘truth?’ Will their worlds collide?”

~Sharon Richards for NetGalley

5 stars. “Blue! What is with that color and that peacock bearing the same name? And what on earth do they have to do with the other two seemingly unrelated characters in the book. You might ask yourself those very questions. I did. You might consider putting the book down because the three separate sprouts don’t seem to make sense. Honestly, I thought that. But interestingly there is just enough intrigue to keep you reading and the intrigue builds right through to the climax of the story. The one you didn’t quite see coming. And it’s poignant, and tender, and as it should be.”

~Michele Jennae Battershell for NetGalley

“I was attracted to Blue by its bright cover art which really stood out amongst the other books on offer. Hughlett uses colour extensively throughout her prose especially on Daisy’s fantastical island and also more subtly in Monica’s Seattle and on Izabel’s Orcas Island. We are introduced to these three very different women via their individual chapters and I initially found it difficult to keep track of their disparate stories as there seemed to be no links. Of course, the uniting of their threads is the main thrust of the story and, once this gets going, it is a humorous and entertaining read.

I loved the whimsical inventiveness of Daisy’s island which strongly contrasts with Monica’s grim daily life. The device of physically isolating the women on islands worked well with the story. Hughlett has a lovely turn of phrase and I felt she really understood her characters and their emotions.”

~Stephanie Burton for NetGalley

“Weeks after reading Blue, there are several things that linger with me, the strongest being the use of the color, blue, as the through-connection in this novel which is really the story of three different women, Monica, Izabel, and Daisy. I’m hesitant to elaborate because I don’t want to spoil anything, but Hughlett showed how good she is with crafting plot and writing nuances with that element… I found Hughlett’s writing voice to be engaging and interesting… Her characters – even the animals – felt very real. The three central women were especially dimensional.”


“Three women and their interconnecting stories give this novel a wonderful feeling of hope . It’s an emotional read and just a tiny bit confusing in the beginning but as the book progresses you see how the three stories are finally connected. This is a book you’ll want to re-read to catch the little clues and gems you might miss as you race to see what’s happening next with your favorite woman’s story.”

~Ann Klausing (Bookseller) for NetGalley

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