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Reviews for Justified Malice

5 stars. “Justified Malice by Harry Pinkus is an excellent thriller. Someone deliberately set off an explosive device, intending to destroy the boat in the middle of the night. It was not to kill Miles or George but for another purpose, and Miles intended to find out. Olivia Sims, a friend of Miles, was a victim of Jonathan Reese, who had his victims sacrifice transplantable body parts to settle their debts. Reese had evaded capture at the time but has now resurfaced. According to the FBI, Reeves might attempt to exact revenge on Miles and anyone close to him. Miles wants to enlist a cartel’s assistance in his search for Reese. They have a wealth of resources and the ability to travel where Miles cannot find Reese. Justified Malice by Harry Pinkus is complex and exciting. I was intrigued from the first page until the end. It was fast-paced and action-packed. The events were descriptive and easy to visualize.With all the twists and turns, I never knew what to expect next. The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat. I could not put it down and turned the pages as fast as I could. The characters were well-developed. They were authentic and realistic and could be anyone I know. Miles and Ryan were my favorite characters. They worked well as a team to track down Reese. The story was excellently written, and I was guessing until the very end. It was much more than I expected and exceeded my reader expectations by far.”

— Alma Boucher, Readers’ Favorite

“In Justified Malice, Miles is once again catapulted into a high-stakes mission, this time journeying through the vivid terrains of Mexico. Tasked with an undercover assignment for PG Parts—a company ensnared in an embezzlement whirlwind—Miles is driven by a dual ambition: to resolve the case promptly and to relish a vacation alongside his cherished partner, Ken. But destiny has other plans. The re-emergence of the elusive Jonathan Reese in the heart of Southern Mexico sets the stage for a riveting confrontation. Miles, grappling with bygones and lamenting his past oversight with Reese, is galvanized with renewed resolve to corner his nemesis, even if it necessitates allying with local cartels.

Justified Malice boasts a mesmerizing mystery, well-conceived and laden with intricate layers. The meticulous design of the plot is evident, pulling readers into a vortex of suspense with each unfolding chapter. While Miles may initially seem like a conventional lead, it’s his steadfastness and professional fervor that underscore his significance. Ryan, however, emerges as the novel’s unexpected heart, propelled by personal loss and a pursuit for closure amidst chaos. While I enjoyed the story, I felt the narrative’s reserved approach to early suspense, notably during the bomb episode, could have been improved. Heightening the immediacy and tension of such moments might have heightened the immersive thrill for readers. But this is a minor point in an otherwise riveting novel.

Justified Malice is an exhilarating read, blending crime, suspense, and deep-seated grudges into a compelling tale. It showcases an intricate plot, unforeseen deviations, and characters that linger in memory. For fans of detective mystery novels, this is an indispensable addition to their collection. Brace yourself for a whirlwind of mystery and suspense that keeps you riveted until the closing page.”

— Literary Titan

5 stars. “This had what I was hoping for in a cartel thriller novel, it had everything that I expected from the description. I enjoyed the way Harry Pinkus wrote this and had me on the edge of my seat. It does a great job in creating a great plot and I can’t wait to read more.”

— Kathryn McLeer, NetGalley

Reviews for Human Collateral

“When a young woman goes missing it’s up to two lifelong friends, Miles Darien and Ryan Duffy, to get to the bottom of things. When Miles starts his PI service in Lakeville, he didn’t anticipate a desperate mother to come knocking at his door. Cora Sims asks Miles to find her missing daughter, Olivia, after she up and leaves one day to start a new life in the big city of Chicago. With the help of his best friend, Ryan, Miles tracks down Olivia and undercovers a loan-shark organization that asks for organs as collateral. A penniless Olivia doesn’t realize how dangerous her situation is until it’s too late. In Harry Pinkus’ thriller novel: Human Collateral characters dodge bullets left and right, but will everyone make it out alive?

Author Harry Pinkus has written a riveting crime fiction story that is clear, concise and to the point. There is not a single plot structure or character that doesn’t fit in the story. The book is realistic when it comes to the political chain of command and police procedures. Even though Miles notes how the FBI blocks him from their investigation, he’s not trying to step on anyone’s toes or override police procedures to get the information he’s looking for. Generally, in murder mysteries, you have the noisy detective who jumps through loopholes to get to the bottom of things, not caring who they have to step over to find their killer. Not Miles though, he respects the police force and doesn’t push the investigation. Even though, as a reader, I wanted more information to help find the killer, I respect Miles for not bulldozing through the chain of command and letting the FBI do what they do best.

This is a realistic police procedural that puts the facts over the need for thrills. We follow the investigation with few surprises due to the methodical method with which everything is provided. Miles and Ryan’s day-to-day life is one that readers can understand, if not relate to, because of how grounded they are. Every character in this story has a very polite air about them. Their conversations reflect this and everyone has the same cordial sensibility.

Human Collateral is a compelling mystery novel that takes readers into the trenches of the private investigator world and tells a crime fiction story that feels realistic while still being interesting. If you are a reader looking for a meticulous who-dun-it that takes a pragmatic approach to solving a heinous crime, then this will certainly entertain you.”

— Thomas Anderson, Literary Titan


5 stars. “All Ryan wanted was a break from his journalist job and a holiday at his best friend’s home. But the vacation turned into the biggest adventure of his life. Ryan’s best friend was Miles, a P. I. extraordinaire who gained fame by bringing down a corrupt political party. His feat brought in a client named Mrs. Cora Sims, who wanted to find her daughter Olivia. Cora knew Olivia was missing when she received an impoundment notification of the car she had loaned her daughter. Ryan teamed up with Miles for a job that seemed like a simple investigation. However, the case degenerated into hunting down a ring of loan sharks cum organ traffickers. They took Olivia’s kidney and now wanted hers and Miles’ lives. Who goes down first? Find out in Human Collateral by Harry Pinkus.

How far would you go to raise money for your passions? Human Collateral by Harry Pinkus was a riveting tale of cheating death, crimes, showing kindness, giving hope, near losses, and finding love. This novel would appeal to those who enjoy lighthearted stories with some action. I loved everything about Human Collateral, from the even pace to the storyline and development. Organ trafficking is a pandemic, and the illegal market is expanding. While some people deliberately sold their organs, others did so through deception and coercion. Pinkus sheds light on this issue in the most captivating way. I loved the characters as they were impressive. George, Ryan, Jim, Olivia, Audrey, and even Molly were appealing. I also loved the relationship between Bobbie and Miles. If only all landlord-tenant relationships were that great. Thank you for a beautiful book.”

— Jennifer Ibiam, Readers’ Favorite


Reviews for The Kingmaker’s Redemption

The Kingmaker’s Redemption is recommended reading for political intrigue readers seeking high-octane action, and provides a story of winners, losers, and subterfuge steeped in the power, money, and processes of the American political system.

Departing from the status quo and prior precedents comes with its problems, as Jack McKay discovers when he decides to support a candidate he really believes in rather than the party he’s usually led to victory. His business is winning elections, but it’s about to become the center of a whirlwind of controversy when Jack lends his considerable influence to a campaign for an Opposition candidate against the Party.

Liberty Party leader Randall Davies knows what McKay’s decision means to his chances. Forces that operate behind the scenes contrive to implicate McKay in a crime that will sully his reputation and limit his ability to be a political influencer.

As the conspiracy gains momentum in the courts, McKay and his team are drawn away from their original objective and into a trial that leaves him fighting for more than his reputation, even as he learns new things about the process and the people behind it: “Jack was getting a real insight into what the prosecution was likely planning to present. He might have actually enjoyed the education had his life not hung in the balance.”

Harry Pinkus crafts the perfect intersection between legal and political thriller, cementing action with strong characters that operate on both sides of the election process, with special interests and influencers on all sides.

The personal challenges McKay faces as his choices affect family relationships and career are as much on the line as the question of who will win the election.

More than just a story of innocence and guilt, Pinkus calls into question motivation, political and legal processes, and fluctuating relationships changed by new realizations.

The Kingmaker’s Redemption is as much a story of survival, enlightenment, and changing interpersonal connections as it is a political legal thriller. Audiences who enjoy investigative mysteries operating at high levels of political circles will relish a story that winds through drama and action, adding a dash of romance as icing on the cake of intrigue.

— The Midwest Book Review


5 stars. “When a PR guru, Jack, spurns one candidate for another, a criminal setup is put in place to frame him and hurt his candidate’s chances. A number of personal relationships come into play as well as his wife files for divorce, and his mentor fights guilt, estrangement from his daughter, and bad health. The author works all together into a very good tale that has potential for a sequel or even more…”

— Doug Yonce (Educator), NetGalley


“A family man that works as a kingmaker, someone who pushes the narrative for political candidates, begins to feel differently about his work when one job ends and his troubled marriage begins to fail.

He chooses a new candidate to represent. One he really believes can make a difference. Unfortunately his business partner is not excited about the idea and the candidate they have previously endorsed is very angry.

Over the course of the book , the Kingmaker must negotiate his business, his friendships , his daughter, his soon to be ex wife and his new candidate while defending himself against some truly scurrilous charges.

Pretty good read. ”

— Cindy R., NetGalley