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“This was an enjoyable read with realistic characters and situations. I did not read book one but understood this book well. It is well written and tells more than one story.”

— Lisa Garrett, for NetGalley

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Anytime Soon Cover v.16“What a great story from an author who is starting up! The story is relateable. You can feel as if you’re the character. The story line is easy to follow. And the book is one of those that you just can’t put down! I don’t do spoilers, so you’ll have to get this book and read for yourself! I promise you won’t regret it!”

~Peggy Salkill for NetGalley

“Beautiful, enriching story. Would totally read from this author again.”

~Guinevere Zoyana Thomas for NetGalley

“Great read. The author wrote a story that was interesting and moved at a pace that kept me engaged. The characters were easy to invest in.”

~Cristie Underwood Thomas for NetGalley