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Reviews for Daddy, I Want to Know God


“Once you read this book, it will blow you away . . .

What have we here? A creation that’s amazingly beautiful. This is only one way to describe this gorgeous children’s storybook. Although I’m sure there are other wonderful adjectives, I’ll leave other readers to come up with more. Surely, it won’t take much thinking once those pages are flipped.

When I turned the pages, it took my breath away . . . reading the words and seeing the character images in their interactions. The words, the colors, and the images (I must say) I found them all “totally breathtaking.”This author has done an exceptional job in presenting her series. I thought the first series “Mama I Want To See God,” was a work of art. With this one though, it speaks for itself! Masterpiece, Masterpiece . . . and that it is!”

~Nina Norstrom, author of “Not a Blueprint: It’s the Shoe Prints that Matter” and “Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Where Does My Self-Love Fall?”

“A delightful and informative piece of writing to teach young children about God and his love for them. It is such a unique and tender book with vivid illustrations that are so relatable and will inspire young readers to want to learn more about God and how they fit into His divine plan. I love the way the story presents the spiritual leadership of the fathers as they teach the children about God’s love. I promise you will love this book. It will make your heart happy!”

~Janet Sheperd

“This was a good Christian book. A great book for little girls to share with their daddies.”

~Leah, Vanessa’s daughter

“An excellent tool to start conversations with children about God and answer their questions. Illustrations give excellent visualization of the content. One of the best gifts I’ve blessed my grandchildren with. I pray that they in turn will one day give it to their children.”

~Amazon Review

Reviews for Mama, I Want to See God


Mama, I Want to See GodI think that this is an excellent book for parents and their children. It provides answers to some of the many questions that children may have about God and religion.

~Shannon Hearne for NetGalley

The overall theme and message of this book is beautiful. I love the premise. With simplicity of words and colorful illustrations to support her message, Fortenberry communicates a story of purity.

~Kim Teamer for NetGalley

Children can ask questions that put us on the spot without even trying. The most difficult to answer are those about believing in a God one can not see or touch. They believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus without proof, but ask such penetrating questions when it comes to God. Vanessa offers answers children of all ages can understand, told in verse form that appeals to them. The verse along with the beautiful illustrations will have your young reader asking to read “Momma, Want To See God” again and again.

~DelAnne Frazee for NetGalley