Vanessa Fortenberry | Mama, I Want to See God

Read this lovely review for Vanessa Fortenberry’s Mama, I Want to See God.

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Mama, I Want to See GodI think that this is an excellent book for parents and their children. It provides answers to some of the many questions that children may have about God and religion.

~Shannon Hearne for NetGalley

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The overall theme and message of this book is beautiful. I love the premise. With simplicity of words and colorful illustrations to support her message, Fortenberry communicates a story of purity.

~Kim Teamer for NetGalley

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Children can ask questions that put us on the spot without even trying. The most difficult to answer are those about believing in a God one can not see or touch. They believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus without proof, but ask such penetrating questions when it comes to God. Vanessa offers answers children of all ages can understand, told in verse form that appeals to them. The verse along with the beautiful illustrations will have your young reader asking to read “Momma, Want To See God” again and again.

~DelAnne Frazee for NetGalley