The Iceman’s Curse, by Gary F. Jones

New Release — Medical Thriller

Nature, climate, and stupidity produce a pandemic.

Grant Farnsworth, a post-doc student, veterinarian, and virologist at the University of Minnesota is upset when his professor tells him to prepare to work on tissue samples from a 1,200-year-old corpse called the Iceman, that was found in the Swiss Alps.

Grant is already working seven days a week and his wife is eight months pregnant with their second child. The situation becomes more complicated when a Swiss professor, to avoid regulations, smuggles the samples into the United States, putting Grant and his professor in legal jeopardy.

When a blizzard diverts the professor’s flight to Chicago, Customs is hectic, and the professor mistakenly swaps his suitcase with Frank, a drug mule. When Frank discovers the mistake he and a friend follow the professor north on I-94 with the intention to do whatever is necessary to recover the missing drugs.

When snow forces the professor to stop at a motel in the hamlet of Kirby, Wisconsin, he has no idea that he’s carrying drugs and that his life is in jeopardy.

When Switzerland announces that those who handled Iceman samples are ill, and several have died, Grant is sent to Kirby to find the Swiss professor and isolate the samples. At the same time, the CDC learns of the samples in Kirby and dispatches Dr. Sybil Erypet to Fort McCoy, a nearby Army base, to get the samples under control.

Between dangerous drug mules and infected tissue samples, many lives in the snow-bound village are in jeopardy.

ISBN 978-1-952782-78-7 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-1-952782-79-4 (eBook)

Medical Thriller

6 x 9, 350

Publication date: October 11, 2022

This book is available in paperback and eBook format:

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Gary F. Jones planned to go back to graduate school and get into research, but something in his veterinary practice or family always intervened. His procrastination continued until he went camping with his family and poured alcohol into an alcohol stove to refuel it.

The stove wasn’t as empty as Gary thought. It was also lit. A flame raced up the stream of alcohol and into the gallon tin Gary was holding. The gallon exploded. Gary was shipped back to his local hospital with first, second and third degree burns over 17% of his body. He decided that when he recovered, he’d better go back to grad school soon, because if he pulled another stupid stunt like that, he might not live very long.

As a graduate student at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, he developed a way to extract microbial DNA from swine feces and a molecular test for Lawsonia intracellularis, the cause of a disease in swine and horses. He earned a Ph.D. in microbiology and spent the following 19 years working on the research and development on vaccines for cattle and swine. During that time, he supervised clinical research on bovine coronavirus for a major international pharmaceutical company.

Gary also has an interest in history. He lives in Omaha, Nebraska.


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